Statement of Purpose

After nearly thirty years, Paul Arteta has had the remarkable opportunity of serving and protecting the citizens of Orange County under three separate elected Sheriffs. Those of you who have known him over the years have witnessed a man of integrity, honor, family, and an officer who leads from the front. As a life-long Hudson Valley resident he volunteers throughout our communities for great causes such as the Newburgh Armory Unity Center, Honor Flight of the Hudson Valley, and most recently at several Points of Distribution Sites to help those who elected to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, to name a few.

Throughout his career Paul Arteta received notable awards, recognitions, and citations on a local through federal level, including approval for Secret Clearance during a five-year assignment with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. In an effort to ensure delivery of the most effective guidance, leadership, and utilization of best practices to serve our communities, Paul Arteta recently completed his master’s degree through the University of San Diego in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Supervision.

Last year, after 28 years of service, he retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and transitioned to the Montgomery Police Department as Deputy Police Chief. This has allowed Paul to focus on reaching out to you and help prepare for his own platform as the most qualified candidate in the Sheriff’s election next year. Supported by his loving wife and children, Paul has been preparing to be the best candidate through honesty, dedication, and tireless work throughout his entire career.

Thank you for your viewing this site. Paul looks forward to working with every community as he supports the ideals and values that make Orange County a safe place to raise our families.