Paul Arteta for Orange County Sheriff


      Enforcing the law while developing substantive and transparent relationships with communities is essential to keeping Orange County safe and thriving. To secure this future, I am committed to the application of Intelligence-led Policing, a proven model by which the Sheriff’s Office will utilize best practices and evidence-based policies.

In addition, providing deputies with frequent training and support is the foundation for professional and amicable relations with our community. Officer health and job satisfaction is essential for the individual deputy as well as a key component for their colleagues, and critical to ensuring a productive agency culture.

In my thirty years of law enforcement, I have witnessed numerous changes in institutional practices. Moving rapidly into the future, it is incumbent upon law enforcement leaders to utilize analytical and adaptive strategies. Criminals, both street and cyber, are technologically advancing at an alarming rate, and keeping ahead of the challenges presented is only possible by utilizing methods which enhance individual and group skills.

To that end, developing and sustaining collaborative, productive relationships with other law enforcement agencies will ensure Orange County has every resource available to combat criminal activity and reduce recidivism.

"I have a demonstrated commitment to utilizing the evidence-based strategies outlined in the 21st Century Policing Blueprint. This model, developed by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police, ensures both police and the communities they serve are safe and successful.”

Promoting Ethical and Effective Leadership

      The foundation of a healthy and successful law enforcement agency is ethical and effective leadership. Orange County deserves a Sheriff’s Office capable of exceeding baseline standards: I am committed to demonstrating personal integrity and a commitment to supporting personnel fairly and objectively, leading from the front, and engaging our communities honestly and tirelessly. This example, coupled with a strong academic and pragmatic understanding of ethics in modern law enforcement is the keystone of that foundation.

“As your Sheriff, I will personally set the example of ethical and effective leadership.”

Reflection on Engaging in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Institutional Assessment & Change

      Local and national events have demonstrated the essential need for law enforcement agencies to re-examine and reflect on agency goals and the priorities of the communities they serve. Law enforcement leaders must also address the concerns of their colleagues and develop effective programs and policies to ensure a professional and productive institutional culture.  

I have the knowledge and proven skills to conduct a clear-eyed assessment of these goals and priorities. As a full-time supervisor, I will develop the vision and implement the plan necessary to lead the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Criminology & Criminal Justice Issues

Over the past decade, developments in criminology and criminal justice reforms have encouraged and often mandated law enforcement agencies to make significant changes to their status quo. My practice of ongoing education and training regularly reviews criminology and criminal justice research to ensure the implementation of best practices in the field. In striving to serve our personnel and communities better, this commitment to ongoing education and critical analysis is mandatory. 

As your Sheriff, Paul Arteta will lead our law enforcement officers by example and with integrity, in service to our communities.

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